About Us

Expertise, experience, reliability

Estgen Solutions Srl was founded in 1998. After more than twenty years in this sector, Estgen continues to be a leader in designing, producing and installing barriers and coatings for road, railway and industrial applications.

What characterises us is a modern entrepreneurial vision that enhances human resources, the real lifeblood of every project.

Our company’s philosophy is based on respect for equal opportunities, trust, responsibility in relationships and work, belonging, competence and continuous training.


Ing. Edilberto Maria Ceria - Presidente

Ing. Edilberto Maria Ceria


P.I. Mauro Gamba - Cantieri e Approvvigionamenti

P.I. Mauro Gamba

Construction and Procurement


We devise, design and install state of the art panels and profiles for the industrial refrigeration sector and for the thermal and acoustic insulation sectors, in compliance with the latest regulations.

We offer proven competence and reliability at every stage of the working relationship, and we guarantee strict compliance with contractual agreements.




Expertise, experience, reliability